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$2,400.00 / year

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Foundational Kickstarter Programs by Masterpiece are designed to be turnkey resources to support community programming in the 4 components of successful aging. The four Foundational Programs by Masterpiece included in Masterpiece Academy Memberships include:

    1. Nourish, a 4-week interactive nutrition foundational experience by Masterpiece Living, connects nutrition to the four components of successful Aging and answers the questions: What are your meals doing for you? Do they support your wellness? This course helps participants learn, discuss and explore new ways to support healthy aging through good nutrition.

    2. Neurobics+ by Masterpiece Living is a foundational memory-enhancement program. Neurobics+ is an 11-week course specifically created for older adults and designed to improve memory. Neurobics+ directly challenges memory and stimulates the brains of everyone who participates in the program. Research has shown that Neurobics+ yields significant results in having a positive effect on older adults’ abilities to remember and gives them a better understanding of memory in relation to the aging process.

    3. Aging Through Ages is a five-part foundational course offered by Masterpiece Living that explores the history of aging and the evolving role of older adults through time. In this course, participants will take a brief look at the Hunter-Gatherer Age, the Agrarian Age, the Industrial Revolution era, the Technology Age, as well as a glimpse into our Future. Each section will illustrate what life was like during these various periods in time, what we- as a species- learned, how our older adults contributed to society and the overall view of aging.

    4. Resilience is a ten-session foundational exploration by Masterpiece Living that revisits concepts introduced in Dr. Roger’s dynamic book, Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging. Participants will be discussing and expanding upon Dr. Roger’s Ten Tips to Successful Aging, and creating or enhancing their own Customized Resilience Plan.

Additional Included Resources:

    1. Articles, videos and podcasts are turnkey in nature and can be utilized in customer, team member, and prospect communications.

    2. 10-Minute Topics are short, easy to understand pieces of information on topics related to successful aging such as culture, physical activity, stress relief, ageism, and more. There are over 100 successful aging topics and discussion questions for team members and/ or residents.

    3. Cognitive Connections are turnkey brain health worksheets and activities that can be utilized in community activities with residents and/ or team members.

    4. The “Live Long, Die Short” Book Club Guide provides a foundational roadmap to successful aging and is a pivotal call to action for individuals and organizations to assimilate the optimistic new findings on aging into all that they do.

    5. The Purposeful Planning Toolkit is a foundational resource designed to support the planning of successful aging experiences throughout the year.

    6. Masterpiece Academy offers two campaigns by Masterpiece which are turnkey initiatives that can be utilized in Communities to engage residents in individual successful aging pursuits. Campaigns by Masterpiece include materials to promote and carry out the initiatives. Living it! Campaign is a 4-week Campaign that inspires and challenges individuals to try new pursuits in the four components of successful aging. Movement Matters Campaign is a month-long campaign that motivates individual to move more and sustain their increased movement throughout the year.

    7. Successful Aging Training (the New Aging 101) is a 4-part module that can be utilized in team member training and focuses on supportive cultures of successful aging.