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Masterpiece Academy Memberships include content that can strengthen prospect engagement.

Masterpiece Academy Memberships include turnkey content that supports resident and team member engagement, growth, and successful aging experiences.

Masterpiece Academy Memberships provide access to new and curated content that supports brand credibility and market differentiation.

Successful Aging Means Growth:

Masterpiece Living is committed to supporting individuals in their successful aging journey through the four components – social, intellectual, physical and spiritual. Based on solid research and data-supported innovation that has been pilot tested for soundness and usability, we found that 70% of how we age is based on lifestyle choices. The Masterpiece Academy develops these resources that help support individuals in diverse lifestyle pursuits, with the focus on growth and health.

Included in an Academy Membership:

  • Easily access Member benefits through your online Academy portal
  • Academy Memberships include four (4) turnkey and foundational Programs by Masterpiece. Programs focus on supporting the 4 components of successful aging (physical, spiritual, social and intellectual).
  • Research-supported training on the basics to kickstart successful aging in your organization.
  • Articles, videos and podcasts that focus on the 4 components of successful aging
    • Can be used in customer engagement and prospect follow-up
    • Ongoing access to new and curated content
  • Cognitive Connection worksheets and interactive handout
  • 10-Minute topics – quick topics to promote and support successful aging
  • Speakers Bureau Events – Access to a robust line-up of subject matter experts in the aging field
  • Additional Foundational Programs by Masterpiece

Masterpiece Academy Leadership:

Dr. Rob Winningham
Dr. Rob Winningham

Director, Masterpiece Academy

Dr. Rob Winningham has 25 years of experience researching human memory and has largely focused on older adults and ways to enhance their mental functioning and quality of life. He creates brain stimulation activities for over 10,000 retirement communities and rehabilitation centers

Dr. Roger Landry
Dr. Roger Landry

President, Masterpiece Living

Dr. Roger Landry is a preventive medicine physician, author of award-winning Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging, contributing author to 80 Things to Do When You Turn 80, and President of Masterpiece Living, a group of multi-discipline specialists in aging